Cupo lleno

Eternal Holy Land. Holy Land y Jordan
14 days / 11 nights. Departure on May 11, 2017

The holiness of Holy Land is not only historical, but also present and permanent for having been the privileged scenario of Our Lord. We invite you to witness this holiness in a live encounter with Christ.

We will visit Tel-Aviv, Nazareth -Tiberíades - Jerash - Petra - Belén - Jerusalén.

This is a 14-day and 11-night program. Departure: May 11, 2017

Throughout the entire journey, we will have the spiritual company of Father Silvio Rivera, from the Parish Saint Mary of Almagro.

Realities that have a historical link with Jesus Christ also become eternal realities. The holiness of Holy Land is thus not only historical, but also current, permanent; it is a reality that also sanctifies those who make contact with it, if they wish so. That is why, all the Christians in the World “aspire to come at least once in their lives” (Paul VI). All this is about visiting places where one can have direct contact with the “physical, eternal and current presence" of Jesus, Mary, the apostles and the Churched founded by Him. This is about coming to find the “live” presence of God in a way it cannot be found in any other place. Before this presence it is then possible to pray, to go on pilgrimage, to beg, to meditate, to make pious actions, to adore, to venerate, to commend specific intentions. We invite you to live this experience with us.

For more information and/or details on the journey, don’t hesitate to contact us.