Cupo lleno

Witnesses of Christ
12 days / 9 nights. Departure on June 22nd

Going on a pilgrimage, following the steps of Christ means that our eyes will see the very same places He saw, thus becoming His very witnesses.

We visit Tel-Aviv, Jaffa, Caesaria Maritime, Nazareth, Mount Thabor, Tiberias, Canaan of Galilee, Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

This is a 12-day and 9-night program. Departure on June 22nd.

Throughout our entire journey, we will have the spiritual company of Father Fernando Fontana.

Pope Benedict XVI stated that “the long tradition of the Church of pilgrimages to holy places is a reminder that we are heading to Heaven, and that we are being summoned to sanctity. Pilgrimage approaches us, more and more, to the Lord and strengthens us with spiritual nourishment for our journey”. Pilgrimage down these roads is an invitation to a greater commitment with our Faith, as what we will later retransmit what we have seen, when we return to our own places. Come with us and let's become genuine witnesses of the Lord.
For more information and/or details on the journey, don’t hesitate to contact us.