Cultural tourism

XII International Festival of Baroque Music. Bolivia
7 days/6 nights . Departure on April 13 2021

Be moved by the child choirs of Bolivia and experience the most important International Festival of Baroque Music in the South America, deep into the Bolivian Jesuit missions.

We visit the missions of San José, San Ignacio, San Miguel, San Rafael, Santa Ana, Concepción and San Javier.

These are programs of 7 day/ 6 nights. Departure on April 13, 2021 Very limited quotas.

Chiquitos, Bolivia. During the Festival, in the silence of the temple, a crowd is waiting for the event to begin. Little by little, children and youngsters dressed in immaculate tunics with baroque fringes fill the sacred scene with whiteness and youth. They are twenty-five souls with a celestial talent, the bearers of a tradition. Just for the simple miracle of music, a bunch of children and youngsters acquires super-human dimensions.

Vivaldi’s Spring movement 1, executed with such virtuosity by these young musicians, is the result of hard work based upon discovery. Come and live this experience with us, an experience that is human, artistic and musical at the same time: the International Festival of Renaissance and Baroque Music that, every two years, takes place in Chiquitos, with locals dressed up for the occasion.

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